Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Madlands Campaign: Capturing the Setting's Flavor...

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When it comes down to running the Madlands Campaign, I want to make sure that I maintain a certain flavor. Given the nature of the Madlands themselves, the key element I want to capture is the aftermath of the Divine War. There should be creatures that survived the war itself, bringing those elements to the countryside. Monsters tainted by the spilled blood of a fallen goddess, or the cast-off ichor of her foes (even if they did not fall), should generate an unusual series of encounters in the area. I'm thinking that I should never use a common creature if a more unusual one can fill the same niche, so long as it conjures that warped/tainted flavor or leftovers from a holy war.

I think that ruins should somehow capture that flavor as well, with shrines to fallen gods and ghostly armies warring on forgotten battlefields, that kind of thing. Magic items should be focused on battling creatures from the "enemy god's armies." Legends and holy mysteries should be the rule, not the exception. Toward that end, I should create some new random charts that reflect that flavor. Writing up some new monsters and magic items should do a lot to help with that.

Ultimately, it's all about flavor. Settings come to life because of the details. Since I have time to think about it before the next game begins, I can take the time to develop this on the ground level. On top of that, I can turn to my friends and peers for help, and so I do. What do you think would help capture this flavor? Do you have any suggestions?

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