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Hammersong's Legacy/Madlands Campaign: The Kujara...

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I offer the kujara for consideration as a monster in your own Hammersong's Legacy or Madlands campaigns. Given the presence of a divine war in the relatively recent past of the setting, I felt that the divine forces would probably use creatures of their own creation to supplement their mortal forces. Using the foot soldiers of the "Blood War" between demons and devils, namely the dretch and lemure, as inspiration, I came up with the following. Based on their ability to take half damage from normal attackers, I imagine that these creatures would probably take out an average of 3-4 normal men before going down themselves, but wouldn't be much of a problem for adventurers, a rare breed indeed.

Please take a look at them and let me know what you think of these creatures. If you like them, I will probably add them to the Hammersong's Legacy Campaign Setting as a bonus creature. (As an update, I'm still doing layout work and wrapping a few things up on the PDF. My wife is about three weeks out from her due date, and preparations are really eating up my free time. My apologies for the delay in publication.)

In the War of All Gods, many battles between the Gods were fought on the Plane Prime. Although mortals made up a majority of the forces involved in these conflicts, the Gods also dispatched extraplanar soldiers of their own creation. The collective term for such divinely-created warriors is kujara. The appearance of a kujara varies according to the Patron that created it, but they often share similar characteristics, given that their targets were typically mortal men, not one another. Kujara suffer half damage from all weapon-based attacks except for cold iron or holy weapons. In addition, they take half damage from fire and acid. Kujara are immune to diseases and poisons, and are able to see in total darkness.

Even though the War of All Gods ended a century ago, kujara can still be found in isolated areas, such as the ruins of abandoned shrines and temples dedicated to their Patron.

Kujara: AC 5 [14]; HD 2; Atk: two claws (1d6); ST: 16; SP: darkvision, half damage from fire and acid, half damage from weapons except from cold iron or holy weapons, immunity (disease, poison); MV: 12; CL 5; XP 240.

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