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Savage Worlds Fantasy: D&D Classes In Savage Worlds...

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Today, I wanted to explore the concept of translating common D20 Fantasy classes into Professional Edges for Savage Worlds. Many already exist, in the form of the Holy/Unholy Warrior, Thief, Wizard and Woodsman edges. However, adding some more edges to cover other common classes, such as the Fighter or Monk, could help with the kind of D&D-inspired Savage Worlds fantasy games that I like to run. (Yes, I am aware of the very awesome Advanced Dungeons & Savages fan supplement, but it makes different assumptions than I like to make for my games.) Towards that end, I've looked to games like Swords & Wizardry and Dungeons & Dragons for inspiration, and came up with the following ideas.

Use the Berserk edge.

Use the Jack of All Trades or Common Bond edges.

Use the Holy/Warrior or Common Bond edges.

Use the Beast Bond or Beast Master edge.

Requirements: Novice, Brawny, Strength d8+, Fighting d8+, Intimidation d6+
Those that fight for a living are called warriors, and the warriors most devoted to improving their warskill are called Fighters. They are often physically imposing, and can perform great feats of strength and martial prowess.
When Fighters deal enough damage in melee combat to drop an enemy target into Incapacitation or death, they get an immediate bonus melee attack against another adjacent enemy, if they so choose. This edge only grants one bonus attack per round.

Requirements: Novice, Acrobat, Agility d8+, Spirit d8+, Fighting d6+
Monks are experts at unarmed combat. Trained from a young age to deliver devastating blows with their fists and feet, Monks are greatly respected for the martial arts they practice.
Monks are trained to fight unarmed. Opponents no longer gain the Unarmed Defender bonus against them, and they do not suffer a penalty on attack rolls when using their unarmed strikes to deliver nonlethal blows. Finally, Monks deal Str+d6 damage with their unarmed strikes.

Use the Holy/Unholy Warrior or Champion edges.

Use the Woodsman edge.

Use the Thief edge.

Use the Wizard or Familiar edges.

Use the various leadership edges.

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Kristian Serrano said...

Don't overlook the free Wizards & Warriors PDF or the recent Fantasy Companion which includes the content from that freebie and a heck of a lot more.

The freebie has two Professional Edges: Adept for monks and Troubador for bards. It also includes the common races and Racial Edges.