Monday, May 31, 2010

The Madlands Campaign: Four Unusual NPCs...

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I couldn't think of much to talk about today, given that I haven't had much sleep from last night, so I decided to exercise a little creativity. Firing up Inspiration Pad Pro, I generated a few unusual titles using a set of tables taken from the Age of Fables website, which in turn was inspired by the unusual titles of major NPCs in the Carcosa setting. From the list of entries that IPP created, I decided to choose a few of them and create some NPC descriptions for these guys. Hopefully, you find them interesting, and perhaps can use them in your own campaigns. For me, I intend to find a way to work them into the Madlands Campaign, or barring that, perhaps some of these guys may see some play in a future One Shot.

Ancient Regent of Dreams
A serpentfolk mage dwelling in exile near Scorpion Bend, the Ancient Regent of Dreams is an oracle of considerable talent. When this serpentfolk predicted the fall of the Empire's armies, he was chased into the wilderness, never to see his homeland again. The Ancient Regent of Dreams is still sought out from time to time, as he is rumored to still offer insight into the future to those that pass his trials.

Eloquent Joy-Giver of Small Petals
A minor lord of the fey courts that border on this region of the mortal realm, the sprite known as Eloquent Joy-Giver of Small Petals maintains friendly relations with the criminal underworld, and is said to traffic in unusual vapors, such as the euphoric fumes of a pseudodragon's breath weapon. Small Petals, as the mortals call him, often holds audiences with those seeking his services or assistance in a twisted mockery of a traditional fey court.

Inapproachable Victory
In recent years, an artathi warlord bearing a self-appointed title that roughly translates as Inapproachable Victory has been forging a large tribe from a number of conquered artathi tribes. As Inapproachable Victory's purposes remain unclear, the orcs of the Malnoth Tyranny watch the lands of the artathi with an attentive eye. Little do the orcs know that Inapproachable Victory's true goals are much more sinister than causing trouble for the Tyranny.

One with the Gatherer
While many of the mantisfolk hives of the great plains worship the demon lord of insects, those that follow the mantis queen known as One With The Gatherer swear their souls to a being that is neither god nor demon, but a being from beyond the stars above known by many names, including Star Child and the Gatherer. Her faithful hive worships One With The Gatherer as the mortal avatar of their otherworldly patron, and aggressively expand their territory as they seek new converts. Those that accept One With The Gatherer as the Star Child made flesh here in the mortal realm are integrated into the hive, and given a position of service to the collective. Those who do not are sacrificed to the Gatherer through bizarre rites to strengthen the Star Child's hold in this plane.

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Trey said...

Cool. Having ever read Carcosa, the titles remain of those in Wuxia-inspired comics or Exalted (which probably got them from wuxia).