Friday, May 28, 2010

My 150th Post...

Good Evening, All:

Today is my 150th post, which isn't bad for a simple blog about gaming and such. I am blessed with 23 followers, and I've enjoyed my share of comments. I want to thank everyone that has contributed so far to what I feel has been a successful beginning, and I look forward to many more posts and some interesting discussions.

I've noticed lately that there's been a trend among other bloggers, particularly among the Old School crowd. I've read several blogs lately where the authors are reporting that they have run out of things to talk about. They are getting burned out, or they don't feel they have anything further to contribute on their preferred subjects, or in a few cases, they've become frustrated with a perceived attitude from a select group of others in the community. For whatever reason, these bloggers have become overwhelmed with a lack of interest or creativity in continuing their blog, and so are taking a break.

Personally, I think that's perfectly valid. When you get burned out or frustrated by any particular process, you need to take some time away from it in order to recharge. You may never return to that which frustrated you, particularly if you let it burn you out too deeply, so being able to recognize when you need to take that break is an important skill, not only in gaming, but in Life in general.

At some point in time, I may join the chorus and announce that I need to take a break to avoid burnout. However, for the time being, I feel like I still have plenty to say, and a lot to offer. I change my focus frequently enough that I don't get bored, and hopefully it's still interesting to those who have elected to follow the words I post. I know that these next two months are likely to be rough for me, as I will be dealing with a newborn here at the house. Still, I hope to be able to continue to contribute to this blog with topics that proves enjoyable.

In the meantime, please feel free to keep up your comments as you feel so inclined. I'll do what I can to respond, and rest assured that they do have the ability to impact the direction of the blog itself.

With Regards,


James said...

Congratulations on your 150th post! Keep them coming, Flynn.

Trey said...

Congratulations I've been enjoying your Stellar Quest articles, though my recent travels haven't allowed me to comment as much as I would have liked. Keep it up!

Norman J. Harman Jr. said...


Burnout: the key (at least for me) is to not push your self till the total burnout/frustration phase. When your creativity is low, or you're busy, or whatever, take a break. It seems a lot of bloggers (I did) feel obligated to post regularly, every day or whatever their schedule is. That turns a fun, creative out let into a job. I enjoy my job but I sure don't want two of them.

> [comments] do have the ability to impact the direction of the blog itself.

More monkeys!