Sunday, May 09, 2010

Random Chart: 36 Interstellar Missions...

Good Afternoon, All:

Intrigued by reviews I'd read, yesterday I picked up the PDF for Starships & Spacemen, and really liked what I read. In fact, I was inspired to create the following random chart on interstellar missions. Although it was originally created with Starships & Spacemen in mind, it could work for Traveller exploration campaigns, Star Trek, Savage Worlds, Space Opera and other science fiction gaming systems. Please let me know what you think.

d66Interstellar Mission
11Answer an emergency distress call from a starship, space station or planet.
12Assist in search and rescue operations in the aftermath of a natural or technological disaster.
13Defend an outlying colony, frontier outpost or space station from attack.
14Deliver a political prisoner to a high security prison.
15Deliver an ambassador or other diplomats to and from a peace conference with an antagonistic interstellar polity.
16Deliver emergency supplies to an colony world or frontier outpost.
21Deliver top secret orders to a high-ranking official on a distant starship, space station or frontier outpost, and then assist in the fulfillment of those orders.
22Engage in official first contact with an observed alien species.
23Establish diplomatic relations with a new alien species.
24Establish diplomatic relations with a recently discovered "lost colony world".
25Investigate a creature encountered in the depths of space.
26Investigate a recently discovered artifact of human historical significance (such as a slower-than-light generational transport, a long-lost space probe, or a ship bearing refugees in suspended animation.)
31Investigate an abandoned starship, space station, colony or frontier outpost.
32Investigate an astrographical phenomenon.
33Investigate an unusual artifact constructed by a highly advanced species from an early time.
34Investigate rumors of creatures attacking an outlying colony or frontier outpost.
35Investigate the mysterious disappearance of a starship, space station or frontier outpost.
36Investigate the mysterious disappearance of an important person or persons from a frontier outpost.
41Observe an alien species clandestinely in preparation for official first contact.
42Participate in a battle exercise used to test a new technological prototype.
43Patrol disputed territory in defense of domestic interests.
44Prevent a natural or technological disaster from devastating life on a colony, space station or frontier outpost.
45Protect a "low tech" world from the interference of an antagonistic interstellar polity.
46Provide transportation for an important person or persons to a world in another star system.
51Regain control of a starship, space station or frontier outpost that has been taken by mutiny, piracy, conquest or deception.
52Return to the nearest star base for mandatory starship maintenance, to be accompanied with supply upgrades, crew transfers (if any), and routine R&R.
53Survey a new star system or planetary surface.
54Track down and capture a ruthless interstellar criminal that has been identified as being in the region.
55Track down and capture an alien or aliens that have performed recent criminal actions of significant interstellar impact.
56Travel into enemy space and attempt to recover or steal an example of alien technology.
61Travel into enemy space and attempt to rescue a prisoner or prisoners from the enemy.
62Travel to a distant space station, colony or frontier outpost, and assist the local leadership in handling a situation with the potential to impact interstellar relations.
63Travel to frontier outpost for routine inspection of personnel, equipment or site.
64-66Unusual Event (typically involving time travel, extradimensional travel, parallel worlds, direct and unexpected contact with a highly advanced species, or some other unique situation, while performing another, more mundane, mission)


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