Thursday, May 20, 2010

Swords & Wizardry: The Manspider, the Scorpionfolk and the Wrathfey...

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Here are three more creatures for your Swords & Wizardry campaign. The manspider is an arachnid humanoid with the ability to entangle and paralyze its prey. The scorpionfolk are a conversion from an OGL creature found in 3E's MM2, which originally came from Sword & Sorcery's Creature Collection I. Finally, the wrathfey is just an annoyingly cruel pest that demonstrates the flavor of the Unseelie court. I think all three should make for interesting encounters. What do you think?

A large humanoid monstrosity with arachnid features, the manspider stands head and shoulders above normal humans. Covered in bristly black hair and dark, shiny chitin, the manspider possesses four arms that end in savage claws. The mandibles of the manspider secrete a poison that paralyzes its prey for an hour, unless the victim successfully makes a saving throw. In addition, the manspider can spit a stream of sticky webbing in a line 40 feet long, entangling anyone in the area of effect unless they make a successful saving throw. Any entangled target cannot move, cast spells or perform any other action. In order to break free, the target may spend an entire combat round trying to escape, which allows another attempt to make a saving throw. The manspider prefers to entangle his prey in webs, paralyze them with his poisonous bite and then eat their prey live and at their leisure.

Manspider: AC 4 [15]; HD 8; Atk: bite (1d8 + poison), four claws (1d6); ST: 8; SP: poisonous bite (paralysis for 1 hour, save negates), web spitter; MV: 18; CL 11; XP 1,700.

Forged by an infernal pact, scorpionfolk resemble an insectile centaur, being a giant scorpion from the waist down and a human from the waist up. At home in deserts, scorpionfolk leave no tracks when moving through sand. The poison of their stinger is particular devastating, inflicting 6d6 points of damage (a successful saving throw halves the damage inflicted). Scorpionfolk often lead bands of giant scorpions on raids against caravans and outlying civilized lands.

Scorpionfolk: AC 2 [17]; HD 12; Atk: two claws (1d10), stinger (1d4 + poison) and by weapon (typically 1d6); ST: 3; SP: poison (6d6, save for half damage), trackless step; MV: 15; CL 14; XP 2,600.

Wrathfey are cruel and bloodthirsty sprites that have been corrupted by divine blood spilled during a war between gods. Malicious and cunning, wrathfey find great pleasure in blinding, maiming and otherwise torturing the weak and the infirmed, including pets, children and the elderly. With a fast breeding period and their generally small size, wrathfey frequently infest an area, displacing more mundane vermin as they unleash their wrath upon rats and other small animals, before moving on to larger targets. When these foul fey are discovered, they are mercilessly hunted down and destroyed before they have a significant impact on the local community.

Wrathfey: AC 5 [14]; HD 1d6 hp; Atk: Tiny dagger (1d3 + poison); ST: 18; SP: poisoned weapon (1d4 damage, save for half damage); MV: 6, fly 18; CL 2; XP 30.


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