Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Madlands Campaign: A Random Encounter Table...

Good Morning, All:

Today, I'd like to introduce a random encounter table for the Madlands Campaign. The creatures listed below have all been previously detailed in the blog, so if you decide to use this table and have need of stat blocks, please feel free to use them. (Since they are game mechanics, I consider them Open Content.)

Table: Madlands Encounters
21 Crimson Mantid
31d3 Howling Ape
41d3 Canker Hounds
51d4 Troll Mastiffs
62d4 Wrathfey
72d4 Sirenbirds
81d6 Kujara
91d6 Sicklewings
101d4 Fyrcats
111 Tharkanth
121 Ichortick

Note that I started with 2d6, which creates a pseudo-bell curve. After that, I took a list of monsters I'd created for the setting, and started populating the table, placing lower hit die creatures in the middle and keeping the highest HD monsters for the 2 and 12 shots. I also aimed for a random number of creatures such that the average HD was around eight. I really don't know why, but it felt right as I was putting the table together. (Note that I didn't always follow this rule of thumb, but it helped serve as a guideline.) Of course, I had more monsters than I knew what to do with, so I ended up dropping some of them in creating this chart. If I end up creating more monsters for the setting and decide to expand on this chart (such as to 3d6), then I may bring the other beasts back as well to help fill the extra slots.


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