Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Madlands Campaign: Some Dungeons And Ruins...

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In building up the Madlands Campaign for my new campaign (which starts next week, I'm so excited!), I came up with a few interesting locations that I wanted to introduce to the players as potential adventure locations in the future. Below are some nearby dungeons and similar ruins begging for adventurers to explore and plunder them.

Dark Gauntlet of Sorrows
Only a few days journey into the Madlands from the city of Fellgorge lies the Dark Gauntlet of Sorrows. Among the great tragedies of the Divine War was the sundering of a realm from the Faerie Courts, misplacing it here on the Plane Prime. Cut off from the vibrant life force of the Faerie Courts, the Fey Scar eventually died off, leaving behind a faerie palace in the midst of the dead remains of the feywood. Many adventurers have attempted to penetrate what poets have dubbed the Dark Gauntlet of Sorrows, but few have uncovered the vaults of lost lore and fey magic rumored to found within the abandoned sylvan fortress.

Outland Sanctuary of the Drang Wraith-Lords
Beyond the Genodran Empire in the depths of the Redcliff Hills lies the Outland Sanctuary of the Drang Wraith-Lords. A necropolis of catacombs, tombs and crypts to an ancient order of eldritch sorcerers, this foul site served as the battlefield for the final battle of the Divine War in the region. When the tide turned against the Drang Wraith-Lords, the necromantic sorcerers retreated into the depths of their unholy sanctum, taking with them several powerful relics captured during the fight. Despite all efforts, the attackers were unable to recover their lost treasures. In the end, they elected to seal the necropolis with the Drang Wraith-Lords trapped within, so that these relics could not later be used against the victors. With the passage of time, those that would defend the Outland Sanctuary from intrusion have long since past, and tomb raiders are slowly working through some of the outlying crypts.

Ruins of Kaeleth Tyr
Once an ancient city reknowned for its wealth and majesty, the city of Kaeleth Tyr fell during the Divine War. Buried beneath the rubble of shattered mountains, the surface structures of the City of Gold may be destroyed, but most sages agree that the tunnels and passages of the under-city likely have survived, and with it, an abundance of riches waiting for those brave enough to seek it out. Of those few who have found the ruins and lived to tell the tale, Kaeleth Tyr is guarded only by the warped and aberrant creatures that survived the spilling of divine blood and were transformed by the very same event that destroyed the surface city itself.



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