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Random Chart: Civilized Region Encounters...

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As many before me have pointed out, not every encounter should be about monsters and such. Particularly in civilized lands, there's a lot you can do with encounters that doesn't have to be based on monsters. Toward that end, I've created a simple random chart of civilized region encounters. This can be consulted whenever a random encounter is indicated and the party happens to be within a village, township or other settlement. Most of what appears below simply describes the seed of an encounter. The details must still be supplied by the Referee, but hopefully there's enough in the descriptions to inspire further events surrounding the scene. If not, paint the initial picture and listen to the players, and you'll probably get more ideas than you know what to do with.

As usual, this table requires a D66 roll. Simply roll two d6s: the first die represents the 'tens' digit of the result, while the second die represents the 'ones' digit. For example, if your two d6s generate a 2 and a 6, then the result of the roll is 26. Looking under 26, I see that a drunken fist fight has spilled out onto the street, with (1d3+2=) four main combatants and (2d6=) eight onlookers. Painting the scene, I can describe how the party walks up to a bar just as a pair of bodies smashes through the window. Amidst the cheers of the occupants, two more drunks come tumbling out in an exchange of fisticuffs as the first two continue to wrestle amidst the broken glass. The crowd begins to spill out of the bar after the brawlers... "Okay, guys, what do you do?

Table: Civilized Region Encounters
111d4 barbarians or outsiders gawking at the locals
121d4 beggars (who offer rumors in exchange for 'donations')
131d4+1 hooded, cloaked figures meeting clandestinely in an alley
141d6 children or teens filled with hero worship
151d6 criminals or slaves being marched to or from local Court (possible prelude to escape attempt)
161d6 street performers
212d6 guards on patrol (either local, regional or kingdom)
22A crazed homeless loner spouting dark prophecies and dire warnings
23A dead body, poorly hidden off the path
24A diplomat (includes 2d4 retainers and 2d6 guards) from a hostile land or people
25A drunkard passed out on the street (looted, possibly with writing on his forehead)
26A drunken fist fight that spills out into the street (1d3+2 main combatants, 2d6 onlookers)
31A family loaded with goods (1d4 adults, 2d6 children)
32A funeral procession (2d4 family members, 1d6 religious figures, 3d6 mourners)
33A haunting visitation (may be good or bad, depending on spirit's reaction)
34A knight or heroic warrior on a quest
35A magical duel (two spellcasters with 1d4+1 retinue each, 1d3 officials, 3d6 onlookers)
36A martial duel (two duelists with 1d4+1 retinue each, 1d3 officials, 2d6 onlookers)
41A merchant or tinker with goods to sell
42A misplaced item (could have been lost or stolen)
43A noble's procession (1d4 nobles, 2d6 entourage, 3d6 onlookers)
44A parade or carnival (3d6 participants, 6d6 onlookers)
45A person fleeing from 1d8 pursuers
46A priest healing an ill or wounded man in the street
51A randomly selected PC's old ally or contact
52A randomly selected PC's old enemy or rival
53A scholar mentoring 1d4 students as they walk
54A tactical boardgame or gambling in progress (two players, 2d6 onlookers)
55A wedding (happy couple, 4d6 friends and family, 1d6 religious figures)
56A woodsman, trapper or guide, who talks to his mount as if it were sentient
61An adventurer's expedition (2d4 adventurers, 2d6 hirelings)
62An amorous couple in the shadows
63An ill or wounded man seeking medical assistance
64Two mobs or gangs of people clashing (3d6 per side)
65Two parties engaged in a heated argument
66Referee's Choice


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