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Savage Worlds: New Mounted Combat Edges...

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In looking through the mounted combat Edges for Savage Worlds, I've noticed that there is a definite lack of potential for character development in regards to a Cavalier-esque character concept in a fantasy campaign. Toward that end, I've gathered the following Edges to enhance those possibilities in my own campaign. In case some of these look familiar, they are inspired, at least in part, by feats from the D20 System Reference Document and other 3E sources.

Core Savage Worlds Edges useful for Mounted Combat:
  • Steady Hands: allows you to ignore unstable platform penalty for mounts

New Background Edges

Born Horseman
Requirements: Novice, Riding d8+
Your character gains a +2 to all Riding checks, except when using Riding in place of Fighting for melee. In addition, he may also spend bennies to make soak rolls for any mount he controls. This is a Riding roll at –2 (cancelling their usual +2). Each success and raise negates a wound to the mount.
This +2 bonus to Riding does not stack with the one gained from the Chevalier professional Edge.

New Combat Edges

Mounted Combat
Requirements: Novice, Riding d8+
When your hero rides into combat, the Parry score of your hero's mount equals 2 + half your hero's Riding score, if that is higher than the mount's natural Parry. When your hero is taken by surprise, his mount does not get the benefit of this Edge.

Fighting From The Saddle
Requirements: Veteran, Mounted Combat, Fighting d8+
While mounted, your hero gains a +1 to melee attacks and damage.

Ride-By Attack
Requirements: Veteran, Mounted Combat, Fighting d8+
You are skilled at making running attack while mounted, which begins with a leap, followed by the attack, and ends with the attacker running past your opponent, all in a single movement.
If your hero's mount moves at least 2" before your hero makes an attack against an adjacent foe, he may attack and "withdraw from combat" without his foe, or other adjacent opponents, receiving a free attack. All movement after the attack must be in the same direction as the movement before the attack (the mount must move in a straight line).
Note that your hero is still subject to First Strike attacks from foes he moves adjacent to.

Spirited Charge
Requirements: Veteran, Mounted Combat, Ride-By Attack
When your hero scores a raise while attacking with a melee weapon from a moving mount, he does an additional +d10 damage instead of a +d6 damage.

New Professional Edges

Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+, Riding d8+
Chevaliers are elite cavalrymen who feel more comfortable atop a mount than on their own two feet. Chevaliers add +2 to Riding rolls. Additionally, through extensive training and practice, Chevaliers can mount or dismount as a free action, without affecting any penalties for multiple actions. Finally, Chevaliers may use the higher of their Riding and Fighting skills in mounted combat, rather than the lower of the two.
This +2 bonus to Riding does not stack with the Born Horseman background Edge.

The Ride-By Attack is based on the Fleche Edge from Pirates of the Spanish Main, and Born Horseman is a variant of the Ace Edge, geared towards mounts instead of vehicles. So, what do you think?

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