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The Madlands Campaign: Rumors of Kolderon's Folly...

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Today, I thought I'd post a sample rumor table from the Madlands Campaign. I haven't included whether a rumor is true or false, since some of my players may stumble across this before I've had a chance to reveal those answers in game. However, I'm okay with sharing them here, since it's likely these will all be revealed within the first few sessions. About half make reference to the first adventure the party will go on, but the other half are lead-ins to future adventures and plot arcs, either directly or indirectly. Please feel free to review these rumors and let me know what you think of them. Too much info? Not enough? Are they interesting from a player perspective?

1d10Rumors (Kolderon's Folly)
1The local children that have been stolen by wolves are being taken at the behest of the fey, to be made into changelings.
2Lord Dotar is secretly a revolutionary plotting to overthrow the Majister.
3Cultists have been summoning demons out at the old Coldhollow Silver Mines.
4Pools tainted by godsblood can be found in the surrounding hills, and bathing in them grants magical powers.
5The bandits attacking the trade routes are orcs from Malnoth Tyranny.
6The old drunkard Woodsman Matan claims he's seen the bandits up near the abandoned silver mines.
7Some drug lord in Fellgorge provides a monthly supply of euphoria vapors to Kolderon's Folly.
8A mercenary who survived an attack by bandits thinks the leader looked like the human outlaw and swordmaster Carth Notam.
9Sorceresses of the Witch Queen have been seen on this side of the Sovereign Chasm, spreading terror in the name of Lady Serova.
10A band of Emerald Cloaks of Gram visited Mighty Myung a week ago, asking about grave robbers at the local cemetery.

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Trey said...

Cool. A nice set of possible adventure seeds (or not!) for players.