Thursday, April 15, 2010

Future Campaign: The Madlands...

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As I've mentioned before, my current campaign is ending this month. After two years, five months, I am bringing the game to a close. We have probably two more sessions before we're done, and the final climactic battle is likely to involve my big blue dragon mini, because it's too cool not to use it in some game. This final adventure is a direct extension of the players' efforts in the game, and in many ways, I consider it practically written by them, leaving me the wonderfully fantastic job of simply presenting the scenarios to my players and watching them continue their character growth and development.

Already, I'm thinking about the next game. Inspired by my work on Hammersong's Legacy and events from my current campaign, I look forward to exploring a new portion of the game world I've created, covering the possibilities of restoring a dead god back to life while exploring chaotic dungeons and the twisted lairs of tainted monsters. There's definitely enough interest in exploring this concept among my current players that the next campaign should have no shortage of volunteers when I am ready to run. Of course, taking care of a newborn will have my highest priority, and so I won't be ready to play again until everything in our lives has settled once again.

With that in mind, you should expect to see more here in the future on the Madlands themselves, and the unusual adventures that are to come. I'm not particularly good at developing full-fledged dungeons, but I feel that this next campaign should give me the chance to grow in that, particularly as I learn more from the Old School movement. They say that you get better with practice, so I may as well start practicing, right?

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