Sunday, April 04, 2010

MyD20 Lite: Some Mage Subclasses...

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Continuing in my series of posts regarding subclasses in MyD20 Lite, this post focuses on subclass concepts for the Mage core class. In MyD20 Lite, a character receives a talent at first level, and even three levels thereafter. These "subclass" concepts provide a list of preselected talents covering the first five talents a character may choose (at 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th and 13th levels, specifically), creating these concepts within the existing MyD20 Lite rules.

The Artificer subclass provides for a mage that enjoys creating magic items, and are commonly found in many high fantasy campaigns.
1st Level: Craft Spell-Completion Item
4th Level: Craft Single-Use Item
7th Level: Craft Charged Item
10th Level: Craft Magic Arms and Armor
13th Level: Craft Constant Item

The Cabalist subclass describes a mage that makes bargains with supernatural creatures, and can be found in many dark horror or sword & sorcery campaigns.
1st Level: Eldritch Curse
4th Level: Pact of the First Order
7th Level: Pact of the Second Order
10th Level: Pact of the Third Order
13th Level: Spell Penetration

The Manashaper subclass demonstrates a mage with a gift for shaping magic and altering spells, and can be found in epic fantasy campaigns.
1st Level: Enlarge Spell
4th Level: Extend Spell
7th Level: Empower Spell
10th Level: Maximize Spell
13th Level: Widen Spell

The Scholar subclass is based on the concept of an educated mage who is, in turn, a mentor and sage, and can be found in classic fantasy campaigns.
1st Level: Mystic Sight
4th Level: School Specialization
7th Level: Skill Training
10th Level: School Specialization
13th Level: Skill Training

The Warmage subclass represents a martial spellcaster devoted to war, commonly found in military campaigns.
1st Level: Armored Caster
4th Level: Arcane Bolt
7th Level: Improved Arcane Bolt
10th Level: Improved Arcane Bolt
13th Level: Mass Spell



James said...

I think these would be great to include in your MyD20Lite Player's Guide (or Referee's Guide?) as an Appendix - one page for each of the 4 character classes.

This kind of flexibility is one of the real strengths (and selling points) of your system.

Flynn said...

I think I will add these together as a free Web Enhancement once I've got all four classes out there, and post that for interested parties.

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