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MyD20 Lite: Some Priest Subclasses...

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This is the third in my series of posts regarding subclasses in MyD20 Lite. The first two focused on the Warrior and Mage core classes. This post focuses on subclass concepts for the Priest core class. In MyD20 Lite, a character receives a talent at first level, and even three levels thereafter. These "subclass" concepts provide a list of preselected talents covering the first five talents a character may choose (at 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th and 13th levels, specifically), creating these subclass concepts within the existing MyD20 Lite rules.

The Artificer subclass provides for a priest that enjoys creating magic items, and are commonly found in many high fantasy campaigns.
1st Level: Craft Spell-Completion Item
4th Level: Craft Single-Use Item
7th Level: Craft Charged Item
10th Level: Craft Magic Arms and Armor
13th Level: Craft Constant Item

Battle Priest
The Battle Priest subclass describes a priest of war, and are commonly found in many epic fantasy campaigns.
1st Level: Smite Infidel
4th Level: Turn Undead Creatures
7th Level: Divine Grace
10th Level: Greater Turning
13th Level: Divine Grace

The Cultist subclass covers the concept of a dark priest of death and sin, and are commonly found in many sword & sorcery campaigns.
1st Level: Death Touch
4th Level: Command Undead Creatures
7th Level: Smite Infidel
10th Level: Followers
13th Level: Stronghold

The Druid subclass describes a priest of nature, and are commonly found in many classic fantasy campaigns.
1st Level: Animal Whisperer
4th Level: Command Animal Creatures
7th Level: Turn Elemental Creatures
10th Level: Healing Word
13th Level: Remove Disease

The Healer subclass provides for the concept of a priest of healing, and are commonly found in many classic fantasy campaigns.
1st Level: Healing Word
4th Level: Remove Disease
7th Level: Improved Healing Word
10th Level: Calm Emotions
13th Level: Protective Ward


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