Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Random Chart: 36 Challenges for One Shot Adventures...

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As a companion to my post on One Shot Adventure Creation: The Challenge, I would like to provide the following random chart of thirty-six different challenges that the Referee could consider. The essence of this chart can be summed up with the following sentence:

The party must [Challenge] before they can proceed with the rest of the adventure.

To create the following table, I looked at the six primary ability scores for D20 System-based games, and created six challenges each that emphasized a particular ability score. The end result of that exercise follows.

Table: Random Challenge Chart

d66Challenge Result
11remove an obstacle of significant size and weight
12carry an object of significant size and weight over a significant distant
13scale a significant height
14swim a significant distance
15survive a duel or combat
16engage in a martial competition such as a joust or tournament
21perform a delicate or intricate operation or repair
22perform some sleight-of-hand or other act of manual acuity
23navigate through a dangerous moving environment while dodging
24navigate along narrow or slippery surfaces to avoid danger
25engage an enemy at range
26engage in a ranged competition such as an archery tournament or thrown weapon contest
31survive an extremely hot or cold environment while travelling some distance
32withstand a poisonous or diseased environment
33perform a marathon task or forced march
34survive severe weather or a natural disaster
35endure an extended and torturous drudgery
36endure a short but painful experience
41engage in an intellectual competition such as a chess match
42solve a challenging riddle or logic problem
43outwit, outsmart or similarly overcome an opponent's defenses
44translate something in a foreign language
45investigate and research a solution
46seek out the assistance of a skilled professional
51locate an exploitable weakness in an opponent's defenses
52obtain the blessing of a spiritual advisor or clergy
53aid an unfortunate stranger in overcoming his immediate predicament
54overcome a significant distraction
55resist a significant temptation
56face an extremely fearsome situation
61lead a larger group to victory in an encounter against great odds
62negotiate an exchange of services or items
63soothe and becalm a savage creature or crowd
64interrogate or seduce a member of an opposing force
65persuade an authority figure to offer support
66entertain a large crowd through performance

If you have any thoughts, comments or suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.

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James said...

I really like these kind of charts. A pdf compendium of the ones you've produced would be awesome! ;-)

Flynn said...

Nice thought. :) I'll probably put one together once I hit ten or twelve of them.

Hope That Helps,