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MyD20 Lite: Some Warrior Subclasses...

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As I review my work on the MyD20 Lite Player's Guide, I find myself considering how someone might want to make things even simpler for themselves or their players in terms of creating new classes. While the use of Talents is intended to allow for class customization, some may think that their players may suffer from "option paralysis". With that in mind, you as the Referee may want to prepare a few prechosen selections for basic campaign concepts in your game. Other systems might refer to this approach as subclasses, although paragon or prestige paths could also work. For the purposes of discussion here, I am going to stick with the subclass nomenclature, even though these reflect predefined talent selection in order to emulate a given class concept.

In MyD20 Lite, a character receives a talent at first level, and even three levels thereafter. Given that most gamers prefer not to proceed beyond 10th to 15th level, I think that these suggested "subclass" options should only provide a list of the first five talents a character may choose (at 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th and 13th levels, specifically). What follows are some basic concepts for the Warrior class. The next few posts on this topic will contain concepts for each of the other three core classes found in MyD20 Lite.

The Barbarian subclass represents the classic berserker tribal warrior, commonly found in sword & sorcery campaigns.
1st Level: Rage
4th Level: Offensive Expertise
7th Level: Mettle
10th Level: Bravery
13th Level: Heightened Fortitude

The Duelist subclass represents the classic single-weapon fighter, nimble and lightly armored, common to many swashbuckling campaigns.
1st Level: Quick Draw
4th Level: Canny Defense
7th Level: Defensive Expertise
10th Level: Canny Defense
13th Level: Improved Reaction

Martial Artist
The Martial Artist subclass represents the classic unarmed combatant, commonly found in Asian-themed campaigns.
1st Level: Unarmed Combat Style
4th Level: Defensive Expertise
7th Level: Unarmed Combat Style
10th Level: Canny Defense
13th Level: Unarmed Combat Style

The Ranger subclass represents a rugged woodsman and talented hunter, commonly found in exploratory campaigns.
1st Level: Shield Specialization
4th Level: Favored Foe
7th Level: Mettle
10th Level: Offensive Expertise
13th Level: Improved Reaction

The Warlord subclass represents an inspirational leader on the battlefield, commonly found in military campaigns.
1st Level: Inspire Courage
4th Level: Inspire Greatness
7th Level: Inspire Heroics
10th Level: Men-At-Arms
13th Level: Inspire Haste


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