Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Gen Con 2010 And Me...

Good Evening, All:

I've been asked by a number of people, many of whom have played in my Gen Con scenarios in the past, whether or not I'll be at Gen Con this year. For those that have read my blog, the arrival of my daughter Zoe puts me in a position where I cannot attend the Con. Much as I would like to go, I want to be here at home more. This will be the first Gen Con I've missed since I started attending ten years ago, but I definitely intend to be back next year, and I'll be running games to boot.

Sadly, I haven't heard a lot about releases being made at Gen Con this year. In the past, I've been very active in compiling lists of special releases and new product releases at Gen Con, but this year, since I wasn't going, I haven't done the footwork. Still, I can't even find a thread on ENWorld about any cool stuff coming out this year at the Con.

I understand that Goodman Games won't even be there, and I'm not sure who else will not be able to make it. The economy has hit a lot of people pretty hard, including publishers. I wonder who else won't be making it...

Perhaps it is a Good Thing(tm) that I won't be at Gen Con this year. Every good Con still occasionally has a bad year. Perhaps, given everything that is going on, this is one of those years for Gen Con. Next year, however, will be better. I'm sure of it! After all, I'll be heading back next year. ;)

Still, I look forward to any news you guys have to share about your experiences there. And if you know about any new releases or special products, feel free to let me know. Even if I can't make it, I am still interested in hearing what's going on.

With Regards,


Clovis Cithog said...

Goodman Games
is not going to be at Gen Con !

the mighty have fallen . . .

Inferno! said...

Sad to hear you can't make it. I was hoping to see you at Savage Saturday Night again. I suspected a newborn would prevent your attendance, but it's certainly understandable.

I hear the Troll Lords people will be there, but they will not have a booth.

Obviously one must be careful believing internet sources, but for what it's worth, I read somewhere that Goodman, Troll Lords and others (?) have decided to not attend (have a booth) due to some change in GenCon LLC policies as much or more so than the economy.