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The Madlands Campaign: Kolderon's Folly

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Realizing that my Madlands Campaign starts up in three weeks, I thought I'd work a little on the starting "base" for the adventurers that will join the game. Toward that end, I created the township of Kolderon's Folly. As you can tell from reading the stats below, Kolderon's Folly was designed to promote or encourage adventure opportunities.

Kolderon's Folly (Kingdom of Genadros)

When the High Magus Kolderon first obtained his fief in the mountainous regions south and east of Genadros, he dreamed of creating a haven for scholars and loreseekers. The lands were rough, the times hard, and sadly, Kolderon never achieved the haven he sought to create. Upon the old mage's death, the Majister passed the land to Lord Parth Dotar. Lord Dotar quickly renamed the village Kolderon's Folly, and has been working actively to build up a strong mining and timber industry in the surrounding territories.

Population: 900. The population of Kolderon's Folly is predominately Human, although a minority of the population include Duar, Hyrknoff, Giantkin and Artathi that have become absorbed into the local culture.

Government: Feudal Lordship. The village of Kolderon's Folly is considered the fief of the Lord Parth Dotar, who received the land for services rendered to the Most Honorable Majister, Lord-Sovereign of Genodras. The Majister has made no secret of his desire for Lord Dotar to prosper monetarily, and thus increase the Majister's treasury through taxation.

Defense: The Lord's recently completed new mansion, Dotar Manor, overlooks the township from a nearby hilltop. While Kolderon's Folly is protected by a wooden palisade, Dotar Manor has stone walls and enough space to provide some protection to a majority of the village's population. In addition, Lord Dotar can field just under a hundred well-trained swordsman without tapping into the local militia, which numbers over one hundred eighty men.

Commerce: In recent days, Kolderon's Folly has become known locally for its timber production and local mining efforts. Much of the agricultural needs of Kolderon's Folly are met through food and grain imports, although a small but thriving sheep market provides meat and wool.

Organizations: While no organizations are based out of the village of Kolderon's Folly, the Mage-Librarians of Lorak maintain the previously abandoned Tower of Kolderon under the administrations of Master Ritualist Haj Thoran. Given the high number of mercenaries that pass through the area serving as caravan guards, the Circle of Mithril maintains a feast hall and training grounds for their members.

To start with the basics, there will likely be an established element in the community that still feels that there is some value to the original goals for Kolderon's Haven, which could come into conflict with the new lord of the region. In addition, pressure from the Majister of Genadros should put Lord Dotar in the unenviable position of having to generate taxes. This should create some tension as well.

The trade caravans bringing food into the area, as well as those bearing timber and ore heading out, give me a lot of opportunities for story hooks, as the players could end up protecting or raiding these caravans at various points in their adventuring career. The mercenaries that accompany such caravans provides both background material and adventuring opportunities for martial characters.

As I know that one of my players is interested in pursuing rituals with his next character concept, and since a number of my big plot ideas use a ritual MacGuffin, the presence of Master Thoran and the Tower of Kolderon offer some good plot hooks. Besides, who doesn't need a good sage from time to time?

I've decided to add a "half-ogre"-inspired Giantkin as a racial option, probably based somewhat on the giant PC race from Monte Cook's Arcana Unearthed or the goliath and half-giant PC races from D&D, given that there are a lot of giants in this mountainous region. Besides, I love playing large races, and this time around, my world gets to reflect that a little.

There are other opportunities that I have not listed in the write-up, of course. There's a small dungeon in the mountains nearby, that the PCs are likely to learn about after their first adventure. There's a few political machinations going on, and the seeds of one of my major plotlines can be found in this small village. I'm looking forward to seeing how things unfold, and what the players decide to do as the world unfolds before them.


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