Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stellar Quest: The Felinoid Artathi...

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For the fifth installment of our series on the enemy species of the default Stellar Quest setting, I offer the following blurb on the leonine Artathi, who are inspired by the Kzinti of the animated Star Trek series and the Aslan of Traveller. You may recognize them from my Madlands Campaign info, as well. May as well not waste good work, right?

The Artathi

The Artathi are large, carnivorous felinoid beings from the Artathi Pride Worlds, a moderately sized cluster of worlds located to spinward and coreward of the Confederation of United Worlds, and coreward of the Cronosian Empire. A very territorial species, the Artathi fiercely defend their worlds from any and all trespassers. The Artathi had a history of conflict with Terra, as the two species fought a series of interstellar wars between them during the early stages of space exploration. As the Artathi continue to prosper, population pressure has forced the cat-like race to expand the borders of the Pride Worlds, bringing them into increased conflict with other interstellar governments.

Standing just over two meters tall, Arthathi resemble a humanoid lion in appearance, covered with a thin tawny coat and displaying leonine facial features. Descended from predators, the Artathi have excellent night vision, with functional claws that make even an unarmed Artathi a very dangerous opponent. As a species, the Artathi are organized into competitive clans, possess a strict code of honor and maintain very strict gender roles. Their strong sense of territoriality and intolerance has created the perception of the Artathi as a prejudiced, war-like species that live by pride and conquest.

I have one more article to share on the antagonists of the Stellar Quest setting, the blue-skinned Rromani, and then I can move on to other elements of the setting.



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