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Stellar Quest: The Enigmatic Magellans...

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As the first installment in the descriptions of the Confederation's enemies, I offer the following entry on the Magellans. Inspired by the Tholians of the Star Trek universe, the Magellans provide GMs with the opportunity to introduce an occasional complication into the Five Year Mission, particularly if it involved fluctuations in the fabric of space or the timeline. I hope you find the following of interest:

The Magellans

An enigmatic species, the Magellans are an extremely xenophobic, non-humanoid hermaphroditic silicon-based race. They are not native to this galaxy, originating in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a satellite galaxy of our own Milky Way. The Magellan Ascendancy in the Milky Way is a remnant of the once-mighty Magellan Dominion, an empire that once ruled a large extent of their native galaxy. When one of their subject races rebelled against them, most of the Magellan masters were slain. Some of the few Magellans that survived fled across intergalactic space in large generational vessels to this galaxy. Upon arriving, the Magellans laid claim to a star cluster within Cronosian territory rimward of Confederation space. The Magellans have fiercely defended their enclave, repelling all Cronosian attempts to retake it. Frequently, this ferocity in the defense of their enclave has translated into belligerence against the Confederation, when the Magellans feel threatened by the much larger interstellar government.

Non-humanoid in form, Magellans have centaur-like crystalline bodies with two arms and eight legs, as well as both male and female reproductive organs. They dwell in an environment of extreme heat by human standards. Should a Magellan's environment even approach temperatures considered endurable by unprotected humans, they are likely to die, shattering into tiny crystalline shards. Magellans have little tolerance for deception, and are insistent on punctuality.

The Magellans appear to actively explore the science of inter-spatial rifts and time travel. Magellans often engage in missions to capture highly advanced technology, ostensibly to use the technology to further their own mysterious agenda.


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