Monday, July 05, 2010

An Organization For Your Game: Weavers of Fate...

Good Afternoon, All:

In watching the movie Wanted this weekend, I was inspired by the Fraternity to create a new organization for my game. In the past, my primary assassin's guild tended to have the same flavor with each campaign, but now I have a new idea that will make the next campaign's assassin's guild more interesting. Or at least I hope so.

Weavers of Fate
An assassin's guild devoted to an unknown goddess, the Weavers of Fate consider the Immaculate Assassination a sacred duty that honors their mysterious patron. Unlike other assassin guilds, clients may only petition the Weavers to consider their target by donating to the local temple-guildhall. After a divination conducted at the new moon, if a target is approved, the Weavers spend the next moon working to slay the target. Once the task is complete, the client is expected to make a larger donation. Failing to honor the Weavers' work with a follow-up donation often places the client on the list of approved targets for the following moon.
Headquarters: While each major city along the boundaries of the Madlands house a temple to the Weavers of Fate, the largest actually overlooks the Sovereign Chasm where it stands alone, looking out over the lands where divine blood spilled. This great temple is known as the Temple of Blood's Prophecy.
Members: The exact membership of the Weavers of Fate is unrecorded, but some sages estimate that there are over five hundred assassins in the order of divine assassins. It is said that recruits are chosen through mystical divination, but over half the membership hold hereditary positions passed down through their family lineages.
Organization: While little is known about the Weavers and their internal structure, the Blood Prophet is often acknowledged as the order's public and presumably internal leader as well. Weavers tend to work alone or in small teams.
Goals: The Weavers of Fate follow the dictates of their mysterious patron, as given through divination and interpreted by the Blood Prophet. The order has no organized resistance, but many nobles and notable figures seek to prevent the assassins from succeeding at their work.
Symbol: The symbol of the Weavers of Fate is that of a bloody loom. A square of crimson cloth is often left on the Weavers' victims, and it is considered good fortune to offer tribute to the Weavers wrapped in a Cloth of Fate.


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Trey said...

I wasn't too big a fan of the movie, but I what its inspired you to do here.