Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stellar Quest: The Psychic Celerans...

Good Afternoon, All:

The fourth of our Stellar Quest enemies are the psychic Celerans, who are inspired by the Romulans of Star Trek, with a little sprinkle of Zhodani and Vulcan mixed in, in terms of their psionic powers. Since I didn't cover those abilities with the Vulcan-equivalents, I figure their misplaced brethren should reap the benefit of that decision. In your own campaigns, of course, you are welcome to change such details as you see fit.

The Celerans

An offshoot of the Eridanite species, the Celerans left their homeworld during the days of early Eridanite space exploration. Driven by philosophical differences that embrace intense emotions rather than suppress them, the Celerans travelled far from the world of their birth before settling on the planet Celera. Since then, they have forged an interstellar government now known as the Celeran Dynasty. The Celeran Dynasty is located to trailing and rimward of the Confederation of United Worlds, and shares borders with the Confederation as well as the Magellan Ascendancy and the Hadron Hegemony.

Like Eridanites, the Celerans have pointed ears, upswept eyebrows, copper-based blood, and typically dark or black hair. Celerans are typically more emotional than the stoic Eridanites, to the point of being described as very violent, and are extremely motivated by honor and protocol. In addition, Celerans are known for their well-developed psionic abilities, using their talents to gain or enforce an advantage where possible. Technologically speaking, Celerans are considered on par with their neighboring races, although their warp drive technology does lag somewhat behind that of the Confederation. However, the Celeran ships of the line are known for their cloaking technology, allowing them to attack from a position of surprise more often than not.



Trey said...

Cool. The Romulans have always been one of my favorites. How did you arrive at the names of these guys? if you don't mind me asking.

Flynn said...

According to Roman mythology, a soldier by the name of Celer killed Remus, brother to Romulus. Since I thought Remans sounded strange, I looked for other obscure connections to the name Romulus, and found Celer. It worked for me. :)

Hope This Helps,