Sunday, July 11, 2010

Stellar Quest: The Reptilian Hadrons...

Good Evening, All:

Tonight, I continue to expand on the enemy races of the Stellar Quest default setting with the reptilian Hadrons, who are inspired by the Gorn from the Star Trek universe. Please feel free to review the following and let me know what you think.

The Hadron

The Hadron are humanoid reptiles from the Hadron Hegemony, a powerful empire located coreward of the Celeran Dynasty, and bordering the Confederation of United Worlds as well. They are mutually antagonistic with the Celerans, and maintain an uneasy pact of non-interference with the Confederation at this time.

The Hadron are an ectothermic, reptilian species with a thick green integument and an average height of approximately two meters. As a species, they tend to be many times stronger than most humanoids, possessing greater stamina, but are less agile and move more slowly. Like most ectothermic species, the Hadron prefer warmer temperatures, and do not handle temperature variance as well as endothermic creatures. Their ears are simple holes on the sides of their skulls, while their mouths boast an impressive array of sharp teeth and their hands and feet possess vicious claws. Hadron eyes are silvery and faceted, much like the compound eyes of insects. Some Humans underestimate the Hadron because of an opinion that all reptiles are less intelligent than mammals. This is unwise, as the Hadron are at least as intelligent as Humans.


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I look forward to seeing more of these descriptions.

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