Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Stellar Quest: The Militaristic Cronosians...

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Continuing on our trend of reviewing the enemies of the default setting for the Stellar Quest game, I come to the warrior race inspired by the Klingons of Star Trek, the Cronosians:

The Cronosians
The Cronosians are a highly aggressive humanoid species originating from the planet Cronos. Several centuries ago, these warriors forged the Cronosian Empire, a prominent interstellar government to spinward and rimward of the Confederation of United Worlds. Cronosians are aggressive to all of their neighbors, including the Magellan Ascendancy, the Artathi Pride Worlds and the Confederation of United Worlds.

The Cronosian race are humanoids that stand on average at 1.6 to 1.9 meters in height, with bronze skin and dark hair often worn braided. While externally somewhat similar to Humans, Cronosians are larger and stronger than typical humans but have a much reduced tolerance of cold temperatures. Cronosian society is divided into castes, dominated by the warrior caste. Although Cronosians are often seen as brutish, scheming and murderous, these traits are simply the external manifestations of a spiritual path devoted to the exultation of war and honor. Cronosians, as a whole, prefer direct action to diplomacy or more cerebral efforts.


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