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Kolderon's Folly: Nine Notable Locations...

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In continuing to develop Kolderon's Folly for the Madlands Campaign, I offer the following nine sites as notable locations in and around the township. As promised, I am massaging this data to fit the setting as presented in the soon-to-be-released Hammersong's Legacy campaign setting, so please feel free to use this to supplement your own campaigns.

Altarstone of Terantha's Kiss
A circle of seven stones surrounding a large, flat central stone, this sacred site was consecrated by followers of Terantha after the central stone was struck by lightning seven times in succession. An artathi priestess, Wellspring of the Moon, presides over the site half an hour's walk from Kolderon's Folly itself.

Dotar Manor
The stone walls of the recently constructed residence for the new Lord rise from a nearby hilltop, overlooking the village of Kolderon's Folly. During times of trouble, the Lord Parth Dotar intends to protect as many of the civilians from Kolderon's Folly as he can within the walls of his stronghold. The highest tower within the grounds serves as Lord Dotar's personal aerie, where he keeps a small selection of flutrells and other flying mounts.

Faire Grounds
Lord Dotar has set aside a large meadow beyond the palisade as the site for a regional faire and tournament during the late spring and again in mid-autumn. During the remainder of the year, mercenaries and other visitors to Kolderon's Folly utilize the site for camping. While it's not as comfortable as Mama Ampora's, it's also a lot cheaper, too, which makes it appealing to a money-conscious traveller. The Lord charges a mere two copper pence a night for the privilege of camping on his lands.

Hungry Banth Tavern
A decent tavern with a good reputation, the Hungry Banth Tavern provides quality food and drink in a rustic yet refined environment. Two back rooms are available for parties requiring discretion or privacy. The Hungry Banth does not provide lodging, but the innkeep, Master Sarkian, frequently negotiates lodging with local households for a small price.

Journeyman's Herbarium
A small herbal shop owned by Sena Polandra, High Magus Kolderon's former apprentice, the Journeyman's Herbarium is known locally for its salves, ointments and tinctures. In addition to herbal medicines, Mistress Polandra sells a limited variety of minor potions and scrolls. Every Windsday evening, the Journeyman's Herbarium sponsors a warboard tournament for those interested in the game of tactics and strategy.

Mama Ampora's Guesthouse
A less formal inn and restaurant, Mama Ampora's provides room and board for the less rowdy elements. Mama Ampora's is a small place, with only ten rooms to rent, and these are frequently occupied by merchant caravan masters and the occasional adventurer. Most nobles stay with the Lord Dotar, while most travelling commoners camp on the Faire Grounds outside of town. Mama Ampora is a small, outgoing woman, who maintains peace in her house with the aid of her two adopted sons, the giantkin twins Jandoris and Galthoris.

Panian's Hall
Master Yerst Panian of the Circle of Mithril maintains a training hall for paying members of the mercenary guild, where they may maintain their warskill through training and study. In addition, officers of member mercenary bands are invited to stay at the hall itself rather than book rooms at Mama Ampora's or camp among the commoners on the Faire Grounds. Merchants in need of quality protection often check first in Panian's Hall before seeking guards elsewhere in town.

Shrine of the Emerald Flame
This shrine is devoted to the worship of the patron godling of strength and battle, Cerberos. Mighty Myung, a hyrknoff High Priest of Cerberos, tends to be a jovial soul, yet is always eager to resolve any conflict with force. Like the rest of the glaive-wielding Priests of Cerberos, Mighty Myung can be quite hot-headed when provoked.

Tower of Kolderon
Once the home and laboratory of High Magus Kolderon, this wizard's tower remained abandoned until a year ago, when Master Ritualist Haj Thoran of the Mage-Librarians of Lorak, came to Kolderon's Folly and set about reclaiming Kolderon's lore for his arcane order. Now, Master Thoran serves Lord Dotar and the community as a sage and advisor on all matters of a supernatural nature.


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