Friday, July 23, 2010

Swords & Wizardry Monsters: Three Random Critters...

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Today my mind went blank in regards to a subject for today's post, so I turned my eye towards random generators. This time, I started with a series of random monster descriptions, and created the following creatures inspired by those results. Even the names are randomly generated. Still, I hope the results prove to be useful in your campaigns. I definitely intend to use them myself.

A fierce predator on the ethereal plane, the dolugon appears as a large ghostly lion. Prides of 5d4 dolugons tend to inhabit abandoned ruins, feasting on a healthy diet of lost souls and wandering spirits. When disturbed by living creatures, however, the dolugon is quick to attack, hoping to slay the mortal shell and release the soul within, so that it may feast on a fresh meal. The claws of a dolugon are extremely sharp, and leave ice behind when they strike, inflicting an additional 1d6 hitpoints of cold damage with each successful strike. With the ability to become ethereal at will, the dulogon can pass through physical boundaries such as walls and doors, and cannot attack nor be hit except when facing ethereal opponents. When the dulogon is corporeal, it only suffers half damage from non-magical weapons.

Dolugon: AC 4 [15]; HD 8; Atk: two claws (1d8, plus 1d6 cold damage); ST: 8; SP: ethereal (cannot attack or be attacked when facing physical opponents), suffer half damage from non-magical weapons; MV: 15; CL 11; XP 1,700.

The heliodra is a fey creature resembling a winged, barkskinned humanoid root. Travelling the plains, the heliodra often attacks intruders from hiding with a volley of thorns. Having no effective melee capacity, the heliodra avoids close combat and flees if pressed. If pursued through vegetation, once every 1d4 rounds the heliodra can cause the local flora up to 80' away to wrap, twist and entwine around creatures in a 40' diameter area or those entering the designated area over the next turn, holding them fast and causing them to become immobile; those who make a successful saving throw may move at half their normal movement through the entangled area.

Heliodra: AC 7 [12]; HD 2; Atk: volley of thorns (1d4, range increment 10’); ST: 16; SP: entangle; MV: 6, fly 18; CL 5; XP 240.

Common to many temperate climates, the ostrich-like ursumoth is a stubborn beast. The ursumoth tracks its prey by scent, until it has closed in and is ready to attack. Fearless, the ursumoth will attack any creature smaller than it, bashing its foe with its bony skull before biting into its foe's flesh with its venomous beak. Those who are bitten must make a successful saving throw or suffer an additional 1d6 points of poison damage.

Ursumoth: AC 6 [13]; HD 4; Atk: head bash (1d6), bite (1d4 plus poison); ST: 13; SP: poisonous bite; MV: 12; CL 5; XP 240.


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